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ATH-M50 photoATH-M50 professional studio monitor headphones provide exceptionally accurate response combined with long-wearing listening comfort. Designed especially for professional monitoring and mixing, these studiophones feature an efficient collapsible design for space-saving portability and storage. Circumaural ear pieces swivel 180 for easy one-ear monitoring; luxuriously padded ear cushions create an outstanding seal for maximum isolation.

SRP: $199.00

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ATH-M50 Review by Greg

Posted on February 28, 2010

Price Paid: AUD$240

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Construction - 9

There is an over-use of plastic. This shouldn't turn anyone off buying these headphones but I just feel that for headphones this good, they should have been less plasticy. That said, for this price (or anything even close), there are no better monitors!

Comfort - 9

Overall pretty good. Very comfortable when at my desk mixing but slightly less so when using them in bed to watch tv. Still way better than most.

Sound Quality - 10

These are awesome headphones. I've had some nice audiophile grade ones before but truly astounded at how much detail these phones have.

Value - 10

I did a direct comparison with the equally awesome Shure SRH-840's (which I was originally going to buy). The 840's were burnt in and the M50's were out ot the box and even then, the M50's had the edge, especially in the smoothness of it's bass and overall resolution. They've only sounded better and better since.

Overall - 9.5

For this price (or anything even close), there are no better monitors!

ATH-M50 Review by Peter

Posted on October 3, 2008

Price Paid: 98USD

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Construction - 8

very good, where they are extend to their biggest setting i find id like them to require a little more force, they seem to slip into different sizes quite easy, they wont move when you have them on tho so i guess it isnt really an issue, id just like more of a solid click rather then the smooth slip they have. i cant see these showing signs of wear even after a year or move of decent use, any weak point looks well inforced, and the fact they fold down keeps them safe while in transit, and the neat case you get is well done. the ends are well terminated, looks strong and professional, the spring which follows the lead from the plug adds nicely to the aesthetics. way the leather stuff is bunched up around the cup is really very nice, and the metal coloured ring around the outside i quite like too. the bag is made of the same fake leather material as the cusion on the cans, they folded it in the bottom of the bag so its got a crease int he middle which hasnt gone after 2 weeks of owning them, bit of a let down for nice cans but im sure ill get over it.

Comfort - 10

on their smallest setting they are just right for me which is great, if youve got a small head you might be left wanting tho. if anything the clap is a little weak, enough to seal now but i dont know if it has enough to compensate for the stretch and losining theyll experience after some wear and tare.. the fake leather material stuff they use is pretty good, breathes well and keeps the music in

Sound Quality - 10

the mids and highs are fantastic so there isnt much to add about them. first few hours i had them the bass was enough, and if it stayed that way id be happy with my purchase, the more you use these cans the better they will sound, mind have only had about 30hrs of use over the last 2 weeks and they are getting better every time i put them on, you do really need to listing to CD quality music tho, v0 mp3s are ok but i can definatly tell the difference between that and FLAC, youll have some nice cans up to the task, so dont skip on the music quality!

Value - 10

i got mine for $98US so yeah, im pretty happy :)

Overall - 9.5

if you were to ask me if i was happy and would i buy again, id say yes.. even after the novelty of a new set of cans has worn off they live up to their purpose, if i had to change anything it would be: 1. clamp a little tighter, although it is enough at the moment hope they dont loosen up over time 2. tighter movement in the adjusting thing, a nice solid *click* would have been nice.

ATH-M50 Review by Waterloo

Posted on December 9, 2007

Price Paid: $180 (USD)

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Construction - 10

Looks really, really tough and well-built. Nice leather earpads. Big, big cans.

Comfort - 9

The earpads covered my ears with extra space so I guess people with big ears won't have problems. The cans are not really that heavy, and not really light. Sort of in between plastic (Sennheiser) cans and cans with metal parts. Clasp is normal, no problems on long listening sessions.

Sound Quality - 8

At first I thought the sound of these cans were thin. Thin compared to the other Technica studio series. I found that these cans need a considerable amount of "burn-in" to sound good. Still carries the Audio-Technica (boosted mids) signature but more musical than the other studio series - PRO5, M30. I have to comment particularly on the bass of these cans. Bass is very powerful. Not Sennheiser HD280-like, rather, a more accurate and tight reproduction of low end and midbass frequencies (after burn-in). The highs and mids are great, not exeptional but not grainy as well.

Value - 9

For around $180, I'm thinking Sennheiser HD280 but it's not a direct opposing choice. They're just really different and unique from each other. Cans are not really over-priced (depends on what deal you get), from the looks of the cans alone you know it's well worth the price.

Overall - 9.0

I'll be using these cans for monitoring and critical listening over sound-tripping. They seem to make each instrument easy to tell apart from one another, which makes learning music (I'm a guitarist), chords, guitar solos easier. Not selling these cans anytime soon.